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FV Number


Rope Assy Jib Support  FV840858  
Sling,Multiple Leg FV2207347   
Parts Kit,Towing FV2111724   
Lifting Adaptor, Steering Unit FV538313  NSN 2530998669588
Snubbing Washer FV2037623   
Washer FV2180264   
Spherical Seating FV717805   
Stainless Bolt FV2157210   
ADAPTOR FV2187110    
Track Pin Puller FV920913   
Bolt Assembly M12 FV2225761   
Screw Jack FV2179945   
ROD END ASSY FV2017385   
Ratchet Assembly FV2187731   
Clamp FV717730   
Panel Jaw Pin FV3003624    
Toe Pin Housing FV3005730    
Hinge Pin FV3023317   
Arm-Folding Pivot Pin FV3024198   
Side Locator assy FV2265621   
Coupler,Drawbar,Ring  FV2299713  NSN 2540993030548
Cross Shaft assy FV2019793   
Link Plate For Securing A/C  Tie down   NSN 02444459199
22mm Tow Rope  FV2109169  
Ring For Use On 22mm Dia Tow Rope  FV2109169  
Tow Rope Assy C/W Tapered Ferrules FV2109169  
Instruction Plate FV2110055  
Chain Safety FV20673750000  
Shackle And Link Assembly FV0211020000   
Pin Anchor Assy FV 2067374  
Band Steel Retaining FV:510108  
GKN Retain Steelcable Fv510108  
Pin & Lanyard Assy FV:020198120000  
Lanyard FV 2111382  
Lanyard Slip Ring FV 2108513  
Lanyard FV 2018473  
Lanyard Slip Ring FV 2065280  
Pin & Lanyard Assembly FV:020198120000   
Olive drad Cord Nylon FV:2111847   
Cord Nylon Olive Drab FV:2111846   
Cord Olive Drab 7m FV 2111845   
Nylon Rope Olive Drab FV:2111841   
Rope Nylon Olive Drab FV:2111840   
Cable Release Emergency Issue 1 FV:02039501000   
Tow Rope Sub Assembly To drg  FV:598769  
Single Leg Sling Steel Galv To DN:1486A   NSN 3940999641313
Disc Solid Complete To DN:MR/ 10997 Iss8    NSN 5340999604000
Pin Quick Release To Drg NO: 2382SA ISS5   NSN 5340999636780
Wire Rope Assy To Drawing No: 100291-1101   NSN 1075995474319
Wire Rope Drg No:100291-1102 Long   NSN 1075995474324
91mm id FI Material +0mm 240 od  11/4" Mat FV1027378   
Pear-150mm-Pear Assembly FV:3005766   
Curtain Vehicular Front  Fv:692490  NSN 2540998202757
Iss 2 Wire Rope Assembly  Single Leg FV530942    
18mm Dia Rope FV:156555    
CM1380A Issue 2  Post Aiming L3A1   NSN 1290999648477
20mm  .072 18/8 Stainless Steel Split Ring FV 300 5241      
iss1 Single Galv 3/4india 17ft 6in o/a lg Tow Rope FV598823   
Cable Release Emergency  Issue 1 FV:2029501   
Pear Tab-500mm Lanyad   FV3025642  
Terminal,wire rope,  Anodized Al Alloy   NSN 4010995715323
Mexe Lanyard Assy   NSN 4720999302982
1"1/8 Ring For Tow Rope FV598 823  
EggLink Assembly For Tow Rope/Chain FV 530 942  
Lashing Chain & Tensioner FV 275 258  NSN 2540998491707
Chain Assy iss A  FV846111  
Chain Assy iss B FV698324  
Heaving Line   NSN 014490339
Workline   NSN 014489679
Wire Rope Assy Rear Iss 3   NSN 4010998580626
Tow Eye Weld Assy FV2197445 NSN 2540994291854
Hook Chain Handling, length 29.5"   NSN 995299001
Tommy Bar 7/8" x 26.5" Aluminium Alloy   NSN 995299002
Main Winch Rope FV2111899  
Wire Rope Assy Single Leg   NSN 4010999641240
Arm Folding Adaptor FV3024223  
Roller FV3024218  
Pintle Lanyard  FV 223 9941  
Stainless Steel Drop Nose Pin similar to  FV2197214  
2 Ball Ass C/W Lanyard, Keyring and Pear tab FV 422190    
Hook Snap   NSN 4220991242237
Cable Release Assembly Issue 1 FV:2029501  
Wire Rope Ass   NSN 4010999641239
Spacer Balance Gear   NSN 1015999629171
Drag Rope Assy   NSN 1015998075075
Iss 2 Winch Rope Assy  FV685161 NSN 2590998098664
Eyebolt No 10 UNF   NSN 5306999642649
Latch FV 17970 NSN 1015999642647  
Wire Rope Assy   NSN 4010990750271 
Stanchion Type A C/With Fixed Foot   NSN 2040994119854
Insulating Pads to fit 133mm Dia   NSN 994119854
Stanchion Type B C/With Hinge Foot   NSN 2040994119855
Stanchion Type E C/With Palm Foot   NSN 2040994119858
Deck Fitting for Type B,C+D Stanchions   NSN 2040994119859
Deck Lug for Type 1 Stanchion Stay   NSN 2040994119860
Deck Lug for Type 2 Stanchion Stay   NSN 2040994119861
Stanchion Stay Head Straight   NSN 2040994119866
Stanchion Stay Head Cranked 15 deg   NSN 2040994119867
Stanchion Stay Heel   NSN 2040994119868
Stanchion Handrail Support Type 1   NSN 2040995374081
Lug Bolt size 1 for Stanchion   NSN 2040995374090
Lug Bolt  Size 2 for Stanchion   NSN 2040995374091
Spigot for Stanchions   NSN 2040995375770
Spigot flanged end for Stanchions   NSN 2040995452199
Pin Drop Nose C/W  chain and link   NSN 2040995374085
Pin Drop Nose C/W chain and link   NSN 2040995374086
Pin Drop Nose C/W Nylon chain link   NSN 2040995374087
Lug Bolt Spigot Size 1   NSN 2040997561417
Lug Bolt Spigot Size 2   NSN 2040997561418
Lug Bolt Spigot Size  3    NSN 2040997561419
Type C Stanchion Hinged    NSN 2040994119856
Stanchion Type D Hinged at foot   NSN 2040994119857
Stanchion Handrail Support Type 2    NSN 2040995374082
Terminal U/W Parafil Rope   NSN 4030997592125
Terminal U/W Parafil Rope Black   NSN 4030997592125
Lug Bolt Size 3 for Stanchion   NSN 2040995374092
Insulating Pads 133mm Dia   NSN 994119854
AL H/RAIL 32mm OD x 3.5mm WT   NSN 995374084
Parafil type A Clevis c/w Clevis pin   NSN 4030995331323
Eyeplate Stainless bolted base 68mm   NSN 99 541 1074
Eyeplate Stainless bolted base 80mm   NSN 995411075
Eyeplate Stainless bolted base 106mm   NSN 995411076
Eyeplate Stainless bolted base 138 mm   NSN 995411077
Terminal Parafil Rope C/W Jaw and Pin   NSN 4030995331323
AL H/RAIL 35mm OD x 5mm WT   NSN 995374083
Mounting Block iss A FV2271401  
Mounting Block iss A FV2271402   
Mounting Block iss A FV2271351  
Plug iss A FV2267954  
Plug iss A FV2271262  
Eyeplate Stainless bolted base 154mm   NSN 995411078
Eyeplate Stainless bolted base 175mm   NSN 995411079
Hollebone Type A  FV 599071 NSN 2540991388335
Hollebone Type A WO FV 599075  
Hollebone Type B FV 599072 NSN 2540991388339
Hollebone Type B WO FV 599076 NSN 2540999775260
Hollebone Type C FV 599073  NSN 2540991388342
Hollebone Type C WO FV 599077  
Hollebone Type D  FV 599074 NSN 2540991388346
Hollebone Type D Blank FV 599078  
Assy of Tow Bar (Tubular) F V 391151 NSN 2540991275864
Eye End Forging  FV 391152  
Adaptor Assembly FV 622351 NSN 2540998130180
Check Cable Axle To Issue G FV605690  
Lanyards Attached To Drop End Pin Assy Issue 1 FV 861876   
Shackle To Issue 1 FV 599181 NSN 4030999604356
Bivouac Tank Cover FV 473124  
Bar Anchor  Earth Holdfast  FV 598860  NSN 2590994457991
Recovery Apparatus  Issue 5 FV 271454 NSN 4030994458160
Drawbar Hollebone Iss G  FV598859 NSN 2540994563899
Bolt, Coupling for Drawbar FV 598800   
Adaptor Towbar Vehicular  FV311428  NSN 2590998100549
Side Plate  FV 598747  
Chain Ass Single Leg (Recovery 6.25 Tonne) FV 391347  
Adaptor Towbar Vehicular FV 2299649  
Rope Assy Complete FV116152  
Lanyard Assembly Iss 3 FV:3025645  
FV 302 2139  BR90/05-00-00-0032 FV 302 2139   
Pin GKN Chain FV 2067372.  
Hook FV:334935   
Fork End for Drawbar iss B FV598797  
Head Ring for drawbar iss D FV598795   
 Vehicle Waterproof Cover FV2158978   

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