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About us


Our customer base


We work for a surprisingly varied cross-section of industries, everything from the Ministry of Defence to the leisure industry by way of road hauliers, earth moving vehicles and the marine industries.

That variety gives us an enviable capacity to respond flexibly and positively to individual customers' requirements.

Its a capacity we take pride in, and one we are constantly seeking to strengthen.


Our main areas of production


Our products (for both civil and military applications) include: Wire rope assemblies, including:

  • slings and lanyards.
  • Winch and wire tow ropes for use on all wheeled and track laying military vehicles.
  • Chain assemblies, including chain slings and safety chains, anchor chains and other types of lifting tackle.
  • Canvas and webbing equipment, including tarpaulins and load restraint equipment.
  • Fibre rope and fibre rope assemblies, including lorry ropes, climbing ropes, nets and cords in synthetic and natural fibre.
  • Turned parts, special fasteners and machined components to customer drawings, from all commercial and special material grades.

We also manufacture plastic injection moulding tools, drop forging tools for various materials including steel, bronze and aluminium.


The materials we work in are equally diverse:

  • Wire ropes from steel and stainless steel
  • Chains from steel, stainless steel and bronze
  • Fibre ropes from sisal or manilla (natural fibres) and nylon, polypropylene etc (synthetics)